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Our team

Alexander Bratanov

Manager of Parentis LTD.

Aleksandar Bratanov

кариера в Парентис

Accountant at Parents LTD.

Daniela Lukanova


Exceptional team of professionals with more than 5 years dedicated experience in the financial field.

We understand that we succeed only if our clients succeed.



Having obtained the best practice while working for Big4 Companies and financial institutions, we are eager to implement the highest standard in your business.

Our team have shown ability to manage financial services as if they manage their own business showing great professionalism, ethics and respective due care.

Using most advanced IT solutions, we are able to do our work predominantly online, which enables us to promote Outsourced accounting function as well as distant financial workplace.

ACCAMember of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

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References from customers


I know Aleksandar from 2016, when he performed audits in Moscow, Russia. He was engaged in Finance, Operations and Compliance audits in English and Russian languages. He showed good understanding of the areas, which were assigned to him and high level of Russian language as well. People with whom he interacted are fully satisfied with his performance and business understanding. Then in August 2018 Aleksandar and I were involved in a Due Diligence project. It was so exciting, interesting challenge for the whole team. He demonstrated very good team work and collaboration. I find him very supportive, curious, open- minded and trustworthy person.

Financial Specialist

Бихме искали да споделим отличните си впечатления от съвместната ни работа с екипа на "Парентис" ЕООД по повод извършения финансов одит. Екипът на "Парентис" ЕООД, ръководен от Александър Братанов, работи с висок професионализъм и отговорност, и демонстрира отлични познания в областта на националното законодателство, международните одиторски и счетоводни стандарти. Спазването на поставените срокове и добрата организация бе от изключителна полза за нашето сътрудничество.

община Смолян


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